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Our E-Commerce Management System is suitable to use by small and medium size Market. It’s Offer to customer as a General user and vendor User .As a general user customer can view all categories product, search product, and also buy product. But our main goal is as customer can create own site. He/she can shell his product. Our e-commerce site also provide you as a vendor profile .you can create your own shopkeeper. You can easily shell your product .this is the main advantage our site.


Our features:

1.      General User: They can use the system to see the product, their prices and quantity available.

2.       Customers:

ü  General customer: Customers are using for viewing and buying the products. Customer can also write feedbacks for products and services.

ü  Vendor user: Vendor can create your own shopkeeper, he/she can shell his products

Vendor User

1. Products: We are provide you two type product, physical and digital products,

Physical Products:


Physical Products means Products which can be touched or tangible, solid, dust or liquid state in a container, build with some materials, has a height, weight and dimension and can be shipped to customer after sale physically. Here Merchant Users can easily create products, edit check out his product stock and here also all Instructions, so easily merchant user upload his products.


Digital Products:

Looking to pick up a new skill, but don’t have the time to do so? Do you want to go back to school but need to take some classes beforehand? Or, do you not want to go to school at all, but are looking to change careers? We’ve got the answer for all those problems: online classes .here we are provide you, u can create online courses (ex.HTML, PHP, Web Development etc.)


2. Manage sale:

Marchant can check his daily Sale Code, Buyer name, Date, Total Payment Status.


3. Manage Admin payment 

4. Discount Manage Coupons:

Our system allows your marketing team to track and report on a variety of valuable metrics. Using a coupon platform lets your team pool and analyze your campaign performance metrics by looking at redemption rates, average time to redemption, and revenue per coupon.

5. Reports:

 Reports are very important for business because we are provide you a multiple reports, you can see individual products reports, you can compare product from others products, and you can categories check stock that’s very important.


6. Payment Management:

    Five different International payment gateways with wallet systems

Ø  PayPal

Ø  MasterCard

Ø  Visa

Ø  Bkash

Ø  Rocket


Catalogue / Products:


Ø  Unlimited posting

Ø  Unlimited categories and subcategories

Ø  Unlimited products combinations (red, size XL)

Ø  Automatic combinations generator

Ø  Unlimited products characteristics

Ø  Unlimited pictures with automatic resizing

Ø  Multiple pictures per product

Ø  Zoom and thick box on products pictures

Ø  Watermark on products pictures

Ø  Customers comments on products

Ø  Products customers evaluations

Ø  Double prices display: with or without taxes

Ø  Choice of number of products per page

Ø  Display of available quantities on products pages

Ø  Sort products by relevance, price, publication…

Ø  Printable products pages

Ø  Catalogues anomalies check-up (empty pages, inactivated…)

Ø  Products categories limited to customer's groups

Ø  Products and accessories packs

Ø  Attachments to products pages

Ø  Quantity discounts in percent's

Ø  Quantity discounts in a fix amount

Ø  Ability to send the wish list by email

Ø  Report of bought products on the wish list (who, when)

Ø  Manufacturers, brands management

 Customer management system

Customer’s registration, and personal accounts

Ø  Forgotten passwords recovery

Ø  Orders monitoring by email

Ø  Ability to create customer's groups

Ø  Created carts back up

Ø  Loyalty system (points)

Ø  Customer referral program

Ø  Newsletter opt-in

 Payment system


     Five different International payment gateways with wallet systems

Ø  PayPal

Ø  MasterCard

Ø  Visa



Ø  Secure Back-Office access (login and password)

Ø  SSL compatibility (Depends on client requirements)

Ø  Unique tokens in Back Office and Front Office

Ø  PCI DSS compliant




Ø  Contextual help in the Back-Office

Ø  Customizable Back-Office

Ø  Customizable short cuts in the Back-Office

Ø  Integral search in the Back-Office

Ø  Multiple users management, and permissions (ACL)

Ø  Maintenance mode

Ø  IP authorization to reach the shop in maintenance mode

Ø  WYSIWYG text editor

Ø  Content management system

Ø  Affiliation program

Ø  Bulk listed - import .CSV files

Ø  Ability to add complementary modules

Ø  Modules On-Off in only one click

Ø  Sub domains management

Ø  Database backup (partial or full)

Ø  Automatic generation of robots.txt files

Ø  SMTP e-mails sending (with or without SSL-TLS) or PHP mail

Ø  Specific typefaces management in PDF files

Ø  Products indexation for an optimized search

Ø  RSS feed

Ø  Export of the newsletter listed e-mails