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Best POS solution software in Bangladesh


Leo POS is best POS solution software in Bangladesh. Leo POS enables business of all types transactions with customers at the time that the consumer is actually buy of a product or all types’ service. It helps make payment super shop, grocery, restaurant and other business. Leo POS solutions system will not only act as a cash register but it also tracking inventory based on sales and the shop the information for later use or apply POS software to an inventory tracking module. The POS solution software tracking inventory from your business. It will track by category, classification, department etc.

Our POS software maintain track everyday data by which you can produce any sales reports, Purchase, Accounting and Inventory. The software is connected the POS Pinter, Bar-code and Cash Drawer. Our POS software is cloud based software it’s also you tracking any time and everywhere. We offer one of the Best POS Solutions software in Bangladesh. It is included Inventory Management, Retail Management, Sales Purchase Management, Account and Finance Management, Customer Management etc.


Selecting the best POS Software Solution for Your Business

If you ran a retail business, then you wouldn’t ever want to hire a devoted employee that was incapable of run your business. Point of sale software that you want for your business is essentially and extension of your employee. There are different POS software solutions on the market but it is not seem all that different at a glance, some POS software is better than others. Before you set your decision which point of sale software is going to be best for your business, it's important to establish your expectations. You should write down a list of which factors are most important to you in your software. Consider if you have any products that require unique purchasing systems, or if your business offers some sort of membership program that can affect pricing or offer deals to customers.

Need to boost sales on a particular night? Use your restaurant best POS solution software to help you run food and drinks promotions. You can set up timed promotions that run for as long as you want. On top of that, Lightspeed’s reports can show you when you sell the most — or the least — so you know where you need to make improvements.

POS software can have as many features depending on the requirement of the end user and the industry it will be used for. Some POS software comes as integrated modules in comprehensive ERP software packages, while others are sold as standalone solutions. However, there basic functionalities common to POS systems such as the following:

1.Inventory tracking : This is useful if you have storage facilities or multiple branches since a POS system inform you if you have enough stocks in your store or other branches, and if more stocks are needed.

2.Sales reporting and analytics : This feature allows you to capture and analyze vital data on product sales as well as revenue rates and ROI. You can determine which products need more marketing efforts, or craft better sales boosting strategies.

3.Customer management : POS systems store and maintain customer’s full purchase history that you can access on your dashboard. You can access customer information anytime and gauge who among them are your most valuable customers.

4.Employee management :This allows you to efficiently manage your employees’ time and optimize productivity by keeping track of when and what your employees are working on.