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A call center is a modern solution for digital marketing and support solution. An inbound call center is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. Outbound call centers are operated for telemarketing, solicitation of charitable or political donations, debt collection and market research.

Why need a call center?

Outbound services: Outbound services are also designed and developed according to clients business requirement. Some ideas are also given below:


1.      Telemarketing of products and services.

2.      Tele-sales of products and services.

3.      Tele-sales lead generation for the specific target-oriented campaign.

4.      Tele-survey (Customer satisfaction/feedback survey).

5.      Follow up and resolving customer complaints.

6.      Customer data/information collection.

7.      Distribution/sales channel monitoring/control.

8.      General Notification (Occasion based Greetings, Welcome call and others)

9.      Customer win-back & Promotional Information.

In-bound Services: All services are designed according to client’s need and customized to match with any kind of environment. Features are:

1.      IVR (Interactive voice Response) services.

2.      Customer care and problem-solving.

3.      New sales & lead generation.

4.      General inquiries (product/package/service information).

5.      Customer Complaints (product/package/service-related complaints).

6.      Customer Suggestion & promotion.

7.      Subscription leads generation.

8.      Customer support through Web Chat services.

9.      Email and voicemail services.

The Different Features of Leotech Call Center Solution are:-

  • Admin, User and Group Rights
  • Multiplayer options with Menu and Sub Menus
  • Self Design able Web Based CRM
  • Dialing Mode: Manual, Preview, Progressive or Predictive
  • Import Data from Excel/CSV
  • Customize-able Reporting Format
  • Call Billing Software
  • Call Voice Log Filtering by Process, Campaign, Date, Agent Name, Disposition, etc.
  • IVR-Flexible swap-able wave files can be set
  • Inbound, Outbound or Both Call Setup
  • Trunk Wise Billing
  • Extension Wise Billing
  • Call Recording, Voice Mail
  • ACD/Agent Management Reports
  • Data Management with Do Not Call, Start Calling, Stop Calling, Call Again
  • SMS/E-Mail Templates and Integration disposition wise
  • Customization or feature updating as per client need
  • Remotely Installation
  • Technical support