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Suman Das

Suman Das

Chief Executive Officer

Suman Das is the Founder & CEO of Leotech. Where carefully dynamic & trained talented developers work on developing web & mobile applications as well as solutions, enterprise application, big data & cloud technologies. Our most clients are small and medium sized located in all over Bangladesh.
I have also Co-founded Radisson IT and RDF payment technology limited. I have completed several projects with different strategy on behalf of different companies.

During my university time, I was doing part time work in web application development in ASP 3, PHP, ASP.net etc. I've been holding a passion for web technologies since 2002 and was involved in many small to large web application development. And right after graduation in 2005 i was busy prepared myself as a professional expert.

From my experiences of the International Tech Conferences and Fairs over the last few years one idea is very clear to me that, as a nation we can empower ourselves with IT industry. And i'm an expectant of watching our country triumph in the global competition.


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